About Us Who we are

MoneyOnMobile is a unique and revolutionary concept from My Mobile Payments UK Limited.

We offer a Simple, Smart and Secure way for retailers to sell Mobile Top-Up products/services via SMS, App or Online. Our m-Wallet is an online account accessible by retailers using their mobile phone and is available real-time without restrictions of location, time, equipment or security.

Using a just-in-time approach, retailers can top-up their m-Wallet on our platform via their distributor as and when they require it during the day. Their m-Wallet funds can be used for ALL products on our platform and offers excellent commissions.

We are in the process of tie-ups with all leading financial institutions and service providers in the country as well as with leading merchants and retailers. Please contact us on (+44) 754 564 1134 or send us an email on info@moneyonmobile.co.uk to become a Customer, Retailer or Distributor.